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Lovely Dogs from Tarifa

These loving friends are part of Tarifa´s landscape and they seem as happy living in this magical place as their human caregivers. Do you want to see your picture published here? Please tell the nice person who takes you for walks and feeds you to send it to us with your name at perrunos@todotarifa.com. They can also send us photos of other happy dogs they might have seen in Tarifa. Hurry up, we want to see more doggies here!

Street Fashion

Tarifa is the fashion capital of Cadiz, and perhaps also of Andalusia. All over you can find examples of a variety of urban tribes -and not urban as well-. Documenting them all is an exciting project and we are encouraging anyone to send us photos of fashion addicts in Tarifa. You know the address info@todotarifa.com

Fotos antiguas de Tarifa

Fotos de Tarifa, por Jose Manuel Caballero

Fotos de Tarifa, por Stefan Schmidt

Fotos de Tarifa, por varios fotógrafos

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